Bob System Services Group Insurance Policy Documentation

The information on this page relates to the covers available to all contractors who have signed up with BOB System Services via one of their licensees. The policyholder is BOB System Services and an Insured person is declared and agreed nominated contractors who have engaged the services of the Policyholder via their Licensee.

Please note that you are also only covered for work paid through BOB System Services via your Licensee, any work undertaken elsewhere and not paid into your BOB account is not covered under this policy. If you change your occupation from that disclosed on the application, check the occupation listing attached to ensure that any new occupation is covered, if in doubt please contact this office on 1300 880 306.

There are two policies available to contractors and they are:

Group Sickness & Accident Cover

The coverage afforded by this policy provides protection whilst an Insured Person is continually engaging the services of the Policyholder and continually supplying services via the Policyholder (via their respective Licensee).

Should the Insured Person not work consecutive days other than weekends or holidays, cover finishes at 12 midnight on the last day of the Insured Person(s) contract via the Policyholder.

Cover shall recommence from the time an Insured person leaves their residence for the new day of work as a contractor engaging the services of the Policyholder.

We have listed the following documentation which relates to this cover:

Group Public Liability Cover

The Public Liability cover offered by BOB System Services provides individual contractors with the choice of either $10m or $20m coverage limits.

Cover is only provided for the occupations listed on the agreed occupation listing which can be viewed by clicking on the document listed below (certain endorsements and/or exclusions apply to certain occupations so please ensure that you refer to the endorsements for your specific occupation).

We have listed the following documentation which relates to this cover: